Hours of Operation

Summer Weekday:
Breakfast- 7AM-8AM
Lunch- 11:30AM-1PM
Dinner- 5PM-6PM

Summer Weekend:
Brunch- 10:30AM-1PM
Dinner- 5PM-6PM

Fall Weekday:
Breakfast- 6:30AM-9:30AM
Lunch- 11AM-1PM
Dinner-5PM- 7:30PM

Fall Weekend:
Brunch- 10:30AM-1PM
Dinner- 5PM-6:30PM

Nutrition Highlights

Use the nutritional icons to quickly identify foods.

Eat Well Eat Well

Fat Free Fat Free

Low Fat Low Fat

< 5g of Fat < 5g of Fat

< 10g of Fat < 10g of Fat

<= 100 Calories <= 100 Calories

<= 300 Calories <= 300 Calories

<= 500 Calories <= 500 Calories

Hearty Whole Grains Hearty Whole Grains

Low Sodium Low Sodium

<= 400 Sodium <= 400 Sodium

<= 600 Sodium <= 600 Sodium

Vegetarian Vegetarian

Baked, Not Fried Baked, Not Fried

Steamed Steamed

Good Source of Calcium Good Source of Calcium

Vegan Vegan